Who do we support?

Shares for Good supports New Zealand registered charities, with an emphasis on those working in the social services sector supporting charities and non-profit organisations who aim to improve communities by reducing poverty, improving equity between groups, supporting children and their families, and enhancing the wellbeing and opportunities for those most at risk.

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What shares are accepted?

Donations of any shares listed on the main board of the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) are accepted. 

Please note, there are some circumstances when it is not possible to transfer shares to SFG, such as when a company has gone into administration.  The relevant registry will make contact with the donor if the share transfer cannot be processed for any reason.  

We are unable to accept donations of unlisted securities or debt securities such as notes or bonds.

Donate Now

By opting to donate shares you are supporting a New Zealand registered charity to help those in need in our communities. Shares for Good is proud to help charities who's primary purpose is to address social issues, or serve public interest or common good.